anafandiArtikel Ilmiah oleh A.N. Afandi (Kumadai 2011), Universitas Negeri Malang


At the previous early time, Benjamin Franklin was demonstrated practically the lightning theory throughout an erected media while waiting for completion of the spire aimed his idea of a flying object using a kite. Furthermore, the conduction was conditioned while the string stretching out and a spark jumped in the rain during the storming soaked to the line. Nowadays, the lightning is supposed to contribute an atmospheric discharge which typically occurs during thunderstorms covered many possibility factors. In detail, the lightning development is produced by several steps in terms of the charge separation for providing the first process in the generation of lightning, the leader formation for the moving thundercloud over the earth’s surface to induce the ground charge follows the movement of the cloud, and discharge channel when the electric field becomes strong enough for creating a point of the striking between clouds and the ground. By considering the charge propagation as illustrated in Figure 1, the lightning process is electric discharges in the form of sparks in the which are charged with the negative pole location is deployed in the lower part and the positive pole centre is located at opposite up.



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